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Dentures – Get back your original smile

Tooth loss can be attributed to various causes. The loss of one tooth can eventually lead to the loss of other teeth, and if you leave the condition untreated, missing teeth can even change the appearance of your face. And/or your bite becomes awkward and it becomes difficult to eat properly. One of the most effective ways of replacing missing teeth is to use a denture. Giving you a natural look and improving your overall appearance.
At our clinic in Two Rocks, we give you options of dentures or implant retained dentures. Implant dentures are permanently fixed and fitted with titanium screws. It looks and feels just like your natural teeth.
Well-fitting dentures allow you to eat and talk with confidence. They are easy to maintain and you just have to follow standard oral hygiene practices for regular teeth.

Custom Designs

We work closely with our patients, over a number of appointments, to create dentures that are perfect for them, so that they fit and look perfect.
Signs and symptoms of a gum disease

Bleeding from the gums when you brush your teeth or eat something hard. Bad breath and/or foul taste in the mouth. Gum recession – as the gums recede, the teeth will appear to be longer. They will also become more sensitive to heat and cold. As the disease progresses, gaps will appear between your teeth.

Treatment options

Periodontal treatment requires a very deep cleaning of each individual tooth to remove all of the tar-tar build up. It is a very specialised treatment, but extremely important as without proper care the risk of tooth loss is extremely high.

What does a consultation involve?

A discussion about your main concerns and problems.
A thorough examination of your mouth, gums or implant site.
Any necessary x-rays will be taken to complete the full examination.
Following the examination, you will discuss the findings with our dentist, who will tailor a treatment plan for your mouth and answer any questions.
Commencement of treatment.

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