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If your tooth is decayed, damaged or chipped, you will need a filling. At Two Rocks Dentist, you’ll find the best quality dental fillings services that will be colour matched to look just like your natural teeth so you won’t even notice there’s a filling there. These filling are long lasting and almost invisible. Made chiefly of acrylic, they have no toxic substances and can stabilise the structure of your tooth. They provide strength to your teeth and will last for years.
No more amalgam!

Metal fillings are visible and can make your teeth crack over a period of time. White fillings are much better for you and your teeth. They are easily filled and can last for about ten years.

The Filling process

Our dentist will clear the decayed area and apply a cleansing gel. Then they will apply a bonding solution followed by the composite white filling. It is then hardened to take the natural shape and contour of your teeth. Within a few minutes, the process is completed and you have clean, safe, and invisible fillings.

The best part about this is there will be no sensitivity! White fillings are less sensitive to temperature and thus you can easily eat hot foods or cold beverages without worrying.

Join us for the best teeth possible.
We proudly are a family owned Dental clinic. This means we really care about your dental health and you matter to us, so we will always look after you.

We also support you if you are a Medicare Subsided patient, a child on the Dental Health Benefit Scheme and Department of Veteran Affairs patient.

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