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Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom Teeth Removal Services

All might have experienced the pain of wisdom teeth in their late 19s or early 20s. These are the last set of molars. For some, they do not create any problem while for some these can be problematic and arises the need for its removal

When these are misaligned, they may erupt horizontally, be angled inward or outward, or be angled toward or away from the second molars. Such conditions may affect adjacent teeth, the jawbone, or nerves.

Partial eruption of the wisdom teeth allows bacteria to enter which can cause an infection that leads to pain, swelling, jaw stiffness, and general illness. Moreover, these are also more prone to other oral problems like tooth decay and gum disease because their awkward positioning makes brushing and flossing difficult.

To recognize this problem, the dentist at Two rocks dental care will first take the x-ray to examine the problem. If the dentist finds misalignment of wisdom teeth, then you might be suggested for removal of wisdom teeth.

So as to avoid cross-infection, we perform surgical extraction method in a hygienic and clean environment. To eliminate your stress and anxiety, we would give local or general anesthesia.

  • It hardly requires a day to complete the whole surgical procedure.
  • If these are left unchecked, then these may give rise to infections, cysts and bone damage. Moreover, the age factor also matters.
  • If you’ll not notice this early, then at a later age it might become difficult to extract these wisdom teeth.

Therefore, the dentist of Two rocks dental care suggests to watch out for the alignment of wisdom teeth and if extraction is required, do it as soon as possible.
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