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Orthodontics/ Orthodontia/ Dentofacial orthopedics is a field in dentistry that deals majorly in correcting malpositioned teeth and jaws. Two rocks dental care explains various benefits evolved with orthodontics including a healthier mouth, pleasing appearance, and teeth that may last for a long time.

Under what conditions you need orthodontic treatment:

  • Overbite- Upper front teeth lie far forward over the lower teeth.
  • Underbite- When lower teeth are far forward or upper teeth are far back.
  • Cross bite- While biting when upper teeth do not come slightly in front of lower teeth.
  • Open bite- It is the space between biting surfaces of front and side teeth.
  • Misplaced midline- When the center of upper front teeth and lower front teeth do not match with each other.
  • Spacing- Gaps between the teeth due to missing teeth.

The plastic clear aligners give the incredible look to your smile without being noticed by others.

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